The Healing Process Post Laser Cellulite Treatment

MyShape Lipo is now offering a life changing procedure that can eliminate most cellulite pockets for good. In the past there have been creams, gels, or massaging techniques that have claimed to banish cellulite but did not prove to be successful.

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During the Laser Cellulite Treatment the tiny fibers pulling down on the skin are released with a specialized instrument to create a smooth surface.

After the procedure there is minimal to no down time necessary for recovery. It does not interrupt daily activities at all. There may be tenderness and swelling in the area for a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the individual patient.

It is crucial to wear the compression garment provided by MyShape Lipo for a minimum of two weeks after the procedure. The compression garment will help the skin retract back to the muscle as well as help to smooth out the area.

Also, lymphatic massage is recommended when it becomes tolerable for the patient. If swelling is present post massage or the area feels aggravated  it is suggested to postpone massaging until the area is completely healed.



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Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Liposuction Specialist at MyShape Lipo in Las Vegas


The Most Common Causes Of Cellulite

One of the hardest things for women to grasp as they age, are unwanted changes that happen to their body. There are many things that take place. One of the most common issues is cellulite. This can occur from a number of circumstances.


Dehydration is one of the largest causes of cellulite. This is the loss of water caused by various reasons like stress, improper diet, and environment. Pregnancy, which can cause a substantial amount of weight gain, as well as weight loss can both play a huge role in contributing to these unsightly dimples. Also,over exposure to the sun exposes us to large amounts of radiation causing damage to the underlying skin. Lastly, age and genetics which are factors you can not control.

For many years women have been looking for an answer to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin, and help diminish the appearance of cellulite. Fortunately Trevor Schmidt PA-C of MyShape Lipo offers a Cellulite Treatment that is not only affective, but permanent. This procedure release the tiny fibers that causes skin irregularities.


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Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Liposuction Specialist at MyShape Lipo in Las Vegas


Orange Peel Syndrome

Skin that has unsightly dimples from cellulite is commonly referred to as orange peel skin because of  their uncanny resemblance. The term originated around the 1920′s, and has since been commonly called orange peel syndrome. The percentage of  women who end up with this common problem at some point in their life is around 80%-90%.


For years women have been addicted to finding a cure for orange peel skin. Although, there have been many treatments, and creams specialized specifically to target cellulite, nothing has been 100% effective. Now at MyShape Lipo we offer a Laser Cellulite Treatment that permanently releases the tiny fibers under the skin that are causing these annoying dimples.

Diet, exercise, hormones, genetics and yes ladies even stress play a role in the deciding factor of if you will need to at some point in your life battle these nasty unattractive bulges.

Now there is a simple, low cost, effective treatment that can help diminish, and even permanently resolve this irritating problem.

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Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Liposuction Specialist at MyShape Lipo in Las Vegas

Trevor Schmidt PA-C Reviews “What is Cellulite?”

Cellulite is those pesky dimples nearly every woman has on her thighs that she works so hard to keep covered up.  The dimples come in al shapes and sizes just like women.  Some are very small and wide spread, while others are very deep and limited to a small area.  Everyone has heard of the cellulite creams and topical treatments, and most know that they don’t work.  The answer is found in getting to the root of the problem, the cellulite itself.

Cellulite is due to the stiffening of tiny fibrous tissue called septa.  These septa attach the skin to the underlying layer.  As one ages, gains weight, loses weight, or hormones change, these septa can be effective.  When we are young, the septa are very resilient and will adjust to pretty much anything, but with the changes noted above, the septa can get more stiff and less compliant.  They end up pulling down in a particular area more that they should, causing a dimple.  You can see this when you change position and the dimple gets more obvious, you can imagine this tiny fiber just below the skin, pulling to cause the dimple.   With a physical problem, it’s hard to treat this with creams and massages and expect any real results.

That is why we at MyShape Lipo recommend the use of the Laser Cellulite Treatment to physically release those tiny bands of tissue.  It’s pretty amazing to see the band released and the skin pop up right in front of your eyes.  I like most people want to see the results and I want to see them quickly, which is why I really like this type of treatment.  It’s a one time treatment that is permanent.

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